At what stage of the startup cycle are you?

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You have an idea! This is the first stage of any business setup and the foundation for a strong start. You know your audience but are unsure of how to go about it. Exploration is key to you and your product or service is innovative

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You have a product! You know the customer base for your product or service. You are 1 or more persons trying to expand into something bigger. Your business processes are yet to be set.

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You have a company! Looking to grow your customer base. You have established your value proposition and understand what makes the business unique from your competitors. Focusing actively on proof of concept, and you have initial funding for your business.

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You are in the Validation stage! Your business model is established; you understand your revenue sources, customer base, products, and funding. You have a minimum viable product and are testing your go-to-market strategy in Canada.

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